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Posted August 23, 2012 by Anant Dwivedi in Food
Eggs on the BEach WEB

Am not really a breakfast guy, its the one meal that I choose to skip in the day. I start my day with a tall glass of ‘bitter sweet’ cold coffee. And thats something I cant do without.

But every now and then, there is that odd day in the month… When am up and about… and feel like a hearty breakfast. Pancakes, Waffles and Eggs with Crispy Bacon… The concept of an American Breakfast is relatively underplayed in our country. Not many places open up early in the morning and offer a lavish spread. Of course, leaving aside the Hotels and their Breakfast Buffets, which are elaborate and offer a great variety.

But am talking about a walk-in joint, where breakfast is given its due, and is treated with as much respect as lunch or dinner. Where dishes are specifically concocted to different tastes and perfected to the yolk.

Indigo Deli in Colaba Causeway, is one such place. Doors open at 8:30 in the morning, and if you are lucky, you can get a table as soon as you walk in. Warm wooden interiors, light seeping in through the large windows, booth seating to make for a cosy setting and the smell of coffee fills up the air.

Once you are in here… the job is almost done… give yourself a pat on the back for getting out of bed and securing a spot to experience the true ‘Breakfast at leisure’.

Browse through the menu, and you will see the regular eggs to order, waffles and pancakes. With accompaniments like Hash Browns, Bacon, Oven grilled Tomatoes etc. But i was here try something different. After all, Indigo Deli is one of the best places in Mumbai to grab lunch or dinner, and is known for their signature dishes.


You can choose a healthy start with the ‘Eggs Florentine’ : Poached Eggs on a bed of Spinach and melted Cheddar Cheese on top…

Eggs Florentine Web

Love the way the Yolk escapes the dish! Yummm…

Eggs Florentine2 web



Or go decadent with the ‘Eggs on the Beach’ : Poached Eggs with Crispy Bacon Strips on Crab cakes.

Eggs on the BEach WEB

Another one done to perfection… You can ask for your eggs to be well done if you don’t like a runny yolk! Personally, i feel it makes for the best sauce/dip for the entire dish.

Eggs on the Beach2 web



The ‘Egg White Fluffy Omelette’ filled with Mushroom, Peppers and Tomatoes.

Fluffy Omelette web

Pick anything… and you cant go wrong at the Indigo deli…

Each of the dishes is perfected. Being particular about my eggs, I ordered the Eggs on the Beach, coz it pretty much defines my idea of breakfast. Eggs with Crispy Bacon, the crab cake was a pleasant addition and goes very well with the other two. It has a slight zing to it, which contradicts the salty bacon and the versatile egg. Cut through, and the yolks starts seeping through the dish, enveloping it with its rich flavour.

The Eggs Florentine (Florentine means cooked with ‘Spinach’) is no less… Different from the decadent Eggs on the Beach, it has a distinct flavour to it. And the Melted Cheddar, is perfect. Unlike processed cheddar this English Cheddar has a mature, nutty taste to it which is awesome.

You can wash it down with a glass of fresh juice… or the cold coffee… (I asked for mine to be ‘bitter, sweet’… so make sure you give them a heads up on how you would like it.)

Damages – Rs 1100 (2 mains, 2 shakes)

The Best Part about it all…. Breakfast is served all day… But forget getting a table after 11am… The cafe is pretty much packed all day on the weekends. So make sure you reserve a table before venturing out.



Indigo Deli

5, Ground Floor. Pheroze Building. Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharishi Marg. Apollo Bunder. Colaba. Mumbai

022 66551010


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