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Exclusive First Look: Asus Padfone 2 and Asus Taichi

Posted October 13, 2012 by Anant Dwivedi in Mobile Computing

Asus Padfone 2: First Look, Video

A Few days before the the global announcement to the Padfone 2, I get a chance to interview Asus CEO, Jerry Shen. We talk about the innovation at Asus, and how the Padfone design came together… along with that, I got to check out some new ultrabooks with touchscreen displays, including the Asus Taichi, a Dual Screen Laptop, running on Windows 8… That can work like a laptop and a tablet…

Even Better, Jerry pulls out a prototype of the Padfone 2…


Whats New.. In Terms of Design… It sports a bigger screen.. with HD Resolution.. looks pretty much the same as the original Padfone in terms of look and feel… just slightly bigger..

It now docks into the tablet directly, and loses the Flip from the original… So mounting and unmounting the phone is much easier…

The overall tablet is much lighter and thinner than its predecessor… And after getting to hold it briefly… I liked it!

Other than that, he showed me some shots that he took from the 13 megapixel camera… and the level of detail is amazing…

When it comes to Battery Life… The Padfone should a last a full day on a single charge.. and when dead, you can dock into the Padfone Station (Tablet) to charge it, and carry on using your phone… So in all, as a smartphone/tablet combo… it can last 2-3 days on a single charge.. There should be a new bluetooth stylus, which can be used to recieve calls when in tablet mode…

Here are some of the specs:


Quad Core Processor

4.7” HD Screen

13 Megapixel Camera


Padfone Station(Tablet Accessory):

10.1” HD Screen

3x Battery Size


After reviewing the first Padfone, we had nothing but good things to say about it… In terms of design, performance and battery life… it absolutely rocks! Also the fact that you use a single 3G connection to use the two form factors… rather than have two dedicated connections for dedicated devices… We just hope its priced well enough to lure the customer into the package…

Incase you haven’t seen the original Padfone which was announced in India last month… Check out this Video Review of the Original Padfone.

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